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Dear VitaZest®
WOW!!! This new Flavor is really delicious!! And no bad stuff in VitaZest. I recommend this drink to all my clients, especially if they want to lose weight. Also the Vitamins in this drink is very good supplement
From: Jonathan Goldman
Personal Trainer

Dear VitaZest®,
Scott, I was just diagnosed as a diabetic and was told that VitaZest® is a good for me to use with lunch and dinner.  Can you tell me where I can buy this drink?
I live in Levittown, New York (Nassau County). The stores that are around my area are Stop “N” Shop, Pathmark, Waldbaums and King Kullen.
Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
--P.C., Long Island, NY

Dear VitaZest®,
I tried your product today at Salad Creations and loved it.

Dear VitaZest®,
As a diabetic with years of research in all diet drinks I congratulate you on a product deserving of a Nobel prize. Can't wait to share it with the ADA and the rest of my fellow Americans!!!!
--C.P., Long Island, New York

Dear VitaZest®
We have been drinking Vita Zest since the Costco tour. Lately it's harder to find - but the Mango Cherry is our favorite. We go through on average a case a week for myself & my husband. Highly recommend it to everybody. it''s an easy way to increase your water intake without sugar, calories or carbs & the taste is GREAT!!!

Dear VitaZest®,
My name is Kim, and I'm 15 years old, and I'm also a diabetic type 1. Today when I was at the deli with my friend, I realized a little sign for the VitaZest®. The whole no carbs, sugar or caffeine obviously got my attention; naturally I decided to try it out. I tried the Kiwi Straw berry, and I must say, as silly as it may seem, it was so refreshing to have a delicious diet drink, that has vitamins and minerals as well. Keep up the good work, and I wish nothing but success for your company.
P.S.- VitaZest® is my official drink now! :-)
--K.M.B., New York, New York


Dear VitaZest®,
The rabbi just brought home a bottle of VitaZest®. Congratulations on a great product. Lots of Hatzlachah in your new project. Lechaim.
-- Rabbetzin C.B., Boca Raton, Florida

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VitaZest® Customer Emails

Dear Sirs:
My entire family loves your product. What a burst of energy it provides! We live in Western PA, between Pittsburgh and Erie, in the City of Meadville. Thank you for an outstanding product.
--Sincerely, J M

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your peach melon Vitazest! I am 6 months post-gastric bypass and my husband recently picked up some VitaZest (Tucson, AZ), and I have really enjoyed them. Since surgery I have had a problem drinking things that are overly sweet - even though they use artificial sweeteners. I can no longer drink diet sodas. But the peach melon VitaZest was perfect - the flavor was not too strong and it was not too sweet. I am also looking forward to trying other VitaZest flavors!
--T M

Hi, I live in Phoenix Arizona and I just recently purchased your product. I have to say I was pretty reluctant because there seems to be many flavored waters now hitting the market. I bought 2 cases a week ago and now I am completely out. This is the best tasting flavored water I have ever tasted. I have a ton of people at my work interested in your product as well...Please advise, and thank you so much for creating such a flavorful product!
--Sincerely, A

Hi. Just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. A little store in my building located in Miami, Florida carries your product but I haven't seen it anywhere else. Can you tell me where else I can find it? I usually shop at Publix but they don't carry Vitazest. Please help!
--Thanks, K I

Hi, I just wanted to drop you a note about your products. I have been drinking VitaZest on and off for about a month and a half now. The main reason was that the newsstand in my building in Manhattan only carries one flavor. This past weekend however things changed for the better. You had a special event at the Price Club in Hazlet, New Jersey and I purchased three mixed cases of VitaZest. Anyway, I think I'll be dumping the fitness waters that I used to drink previously and replacing them with VitaZest.
--Regards, J C

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