SUBWAY "Scoop it" Diabetes friendlier menu at Kansas City Subway® restaurants - Visit to learn about a first of its kind "Diabetes friendlier" menu in participating Subway® restaurants in Kansas City.  This menu was created through a partnership between VITAZEST®, Subway® restaurants, and the Diabetes Research Institute. Finally people with Diabetes are being recognized in the quick service restaurant world! If you like what you see please contact us and lets us know at

Diabetes Research Institute- The Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (DRI) is the recognized world leader in cure-focused research for diabetes. The DRI has deemed VITAZEST Water to be the preferred enhanced water for people with diabetes. VITAZEST Water is the only vitamin enriched water with a major affiliation with this type of leading national diabetes organization. A portion of VITAZEST Water sales is donated to the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, as the company’s contribution to help find a cure. For the millions of families already affected by diabetes and who are looking to the world of science for answers, DRI is the best hope for a cure. To learn more about the great work of the renowned Diabetes Research Institute visit

Diabetes Living Today - Diabetes Living Today was founded by a “Diabetic Doctor ~ Patient team”. Kitty Castellini, host of an exciting radio show, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a very young age. Her struggle with the disease led her to meet Endocrinologist, Dr. Joseph J. Fallon, Jr.  Always at each other’s side Kitty and co-host Dr. Fallon have opened the doors for others to understand diabetes. Together every Tuesday evening at 8 PM (EST) they deliver information to their listeners on how to live a better life with diabetes. Together they lend a helping hand to help educate and understand diabetes with the latest in cutting edge research. Kitty has an informative website and has become an influencer in the diabetes world with a broad base of followers. Visit  and don’t forget to tune in every Tuesday night to keep apprised of the newest developments in the world of diabetes. was established in 2000 with the idea of bringing hard to find, high quality sugar free candy, chocolates and other assorted goodies to the diabetic market. Having come across VITAZEST Water in their quest for all things diabetes friendly, the company is launching VITAZEST Water in its already extensive menu of products. recognizes the added value VITAZEST Water brings to its basket of goods. If you have a sugar free sweet tooth visit Healthy Outcomes is a web portal that allows its registered users to earn points as they become more educated about diabetes and their overall health. The benefits of being a member allow you to redeem your points earned for great diabetes friendly merchandise. VITAZEST Water is one of the popular redeemable rewards. In addition, offers educational modules on every aspect of diabetes and also allows its members to share their opinions in the Healthy Outcome survey section while accumulating more points.  To learn more about becoming a member go in to and come out healthy.

Cookie Diet- The Cookie Diet was created in 1975 by renowned physician, author, and weight loss expert Sanford Siegal, D.O., M.D. The Cookie Diet has been used by more than 200 doctors in the U.S. , Canada , and Latin America to help over 500,000 people lose weight. By eating just six special cookies a day, individuals are able to control their hunger during the day and have a reasonable dinner in the evening consuming around 1,000 calories a day and lose an average of ten pounds per month.  The Cookie Diet approves VITAZEST Green Tea as its preferred and healthier refreshment to compliment the Cookie Diet. To exploit the cookie monster in you, visit

Salad Creations- Salad Creations is a “better for you” fast food franchise system with over fifty locations and rapidly growing; featuring fresh salads, wraps, homemade soups, catering services and create your own salads. Since diabetes and pre diabetes affect nearly 80 million Americans, Salad Creations has chosen VITAZEST Water as its premium healthy refreshment offering to address the dietary needs of this group. VITAZEST Water is the perfect compliment for Salad Creations healthy eating concept and their Diabetes Friendly Meals. Small changes in a diet can make a big impact. To learn more about Salad Creations and their new “VITAZEST-Diabetes Friendly” campaign visit has teamed up with to offer mail order customers, reliable and on time home delivery of VITAZEST Water. affords VITAZEST Water the ability to use conventional carriers and enjoy the most preferable rates in the industry, while passing along the savings. We recommend you visit to see if they can help you too, with your general shipping needs. 

Koo Koo Roo- Koo Koo Roo is a restaurant chain with approximately fifteen locations in southern California . The healthy restaurant chain specializes in flame-broiled skinless herb chicken, turkey, low-fat sandwiches and salads. Established in 1988, the company upholds to its patrons a “Life Unfried” commitment. To go along with their healthy eating menu, Koo Koo Roo has incorporated VITAZEST Water into their beverage selection. To learn more about the cluck visit

Manchester Wolves Organization- For the 2008 and 2009 season, the Lady Wolf Pack cheerleading team has teamed up with VITAZEST Water to promote the benefits of VITAZEST in their local market. The Manchester Wolves are a professional arena football team located in Manchester , New Hampshire . They play in the East Division of the American Conference of the AF2 league, which is the minor league of the Arena Football League. To learn more and lock in your season tickets visit

Splenda- Splenda Brand Sweetener offers consumers a healthy and safe alternative to sugar. Unlike sugar, Splenda has no calories and is not a carbohydrate. Thus, by replacing sugar with Splenda, you reduce calorie intake, which is key for weight management. Splenda is the preferred substitute for people with diabetes whom must monitor their carbohydrate intake for blood glucose control. VITAZEST Water uses Splenda as one of its two sweeteners because it tastes like real sugar. According to, over the past sixteen years, Splenda Sweetener Products have been used by millions of consumers worldwide, including pregnant and nursing women, children, and individuals with diabetes. To learn more about this popular sweetener visit