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Healthy Chocolate

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Healthy Chocolate
Healthy Chocolate
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All Natural Healthy Chocolate is made from the finest ingredients that are mostly organic. Healthy Chocolate contains no sugar, as sugar interferes with the sugar - insulin balance of the body.  Sweetened only with natural sweeteners (Xylitol, Bioflavonoids) and is enriched with herbs that promote health, weight loss, and blood sugar control.

Why it works?

• Appetite Control
– Cocoa (raises dopamine level)
– Bioperin (increases absorption of nutrients)
• Sugar control
– Momordica (helps control blood sugar)
– Fabenol (helps reduce sugar absorption)
• Health boost (antioxidant)
–Cocoa (good for the heart, elevates dopamine)
–Green tea (strong anti oxidant, anti aging ECGC)
–Ellagic Acid (a very effective antioxidant)
• Health boost Enhancers
–Noni (an immune system enhancer)
–Xylitol (Natural sweetner, retards harmful bacteria, provides energy)
–Bioflavonoids (known to enhance the immune system)
Healthy Chocolate is Unique

• The only patent pending chocolate made with
Xylitol as its bulking agent (the ingredient that gives
chocolate its smooth, solid texture).
• The only sugarless chocolate made with organic
ingredients available today.
• Healthy ChocolateTM is the only sugarless
Chocolate in the market that actually has herbs and

This product has NOT been reviewed nor endorsed by the Diabetes Research Institue (DRI), this product is not affiliated in any way with DRI.
The statments and health claims have not been evaluated by the FDA
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